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big vagina energy

Project type

National Campaign & TVC

OLLY is a wellness company working to change the way society views and talks about health. Working with &Walsh, we worked on the 2023 Big Vagina Energy campaign featuring their premium line of women’s wellness products. We concepted, scripted and created a 30 second commercial, an OOH campaign extension, and built out a suite of campaign guidelines for OLLY to continue executing their message. We wanted to dive into the meaning behind the Big Vagina Energy message, and craft a campaign that had purpose beyond the headline.

Client: OLLY, Elise Crevier, JP Danley, Vonnie Jeter
Agency: &Walsh
Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
Associate Creative Director: Arielle Egozi
Strategy: Lauren Walsh
Copywriting: Jessica Walsh, Lauren Walsh, Arielle Egozi, Josephine Heintz
Executive Producer: Luciana Almeida
Production: Chanel Harper & Billy Allen
Art Director: Lucas Luz
Designers: Victor Jobim, Fernando Farfán, Igor Fajardo
Type Design: Jess Gracia, Juanse Carvajal, Julio Zuckerman
Campaign Photography: Lauren Jones
Retouching: Victor Wagner
Director: Ashley Armitage
Production: Pretty Bird
DP: Mika Altskan
Post Production: Cosmo Street
Editor: Laura Cairney-Kaize via Trim
VFX: Parliament
Color: Kath Raisch via Company 3
Composition: Pump music & sound production company
Sound Design & Mix: Lime Studios, Collin Thomas

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