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we work with people we respect. 

we work with people that respect us.

we don't work for free. 

the rules:

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a creative consultancy

we help brands & agency partners create work that is no bullshit, no shame, and no judgement. 

we celebrate the weird things our bodies do, and all the ways they express themselves in the world. 


- packaging

- guidelines

- web

- investor decks

Messaging & TOV

- guidelines

- copy

- scripting

- personas

Ops + Automations 


- full branding

- campaign creative direction 

- logo package

Culture-focused strategy

- positioning

- market

- campaign concept
- product development

- no-code automation workflow

- streamlining tech stack 

- operations + project management

bodies, brains, & boundaries. 

we love celebrating the first two, and pushing the third.


creative work is a team sport. we call our clients partners for a reason — they push us just as much as we push them. the risks we take and the shots we make, we take and make together. 


&walsh agency partner
colossal media agency partner
thinx client partner
mintstars client partner
study hall creative
study hall creative
study hall creative
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